Car import from Germany

Full support and assistance in car purchase and import from Germany to the Czech Republic.

Physical check of the selected car in Germany.

You buy the car directly from the German vendor, I help you to sort out everything smoothly.

  • support in car search and choice of suitable ads
  • contact and communication with the German vendor
  • get all available details on the car and process of the purchase
  • negotiate the price
  • book the car (for the journey)
  • inspect the car on the spot (on board diagnostic, paint thickness measure, test drive)
  • check the car papers
  • assistance in dealing with the vendor
  • help with the car transport (get export plates / select and order a shipping company)
Charge for the car check and assistance 9 000 CZK
Ride costs (there and back) 5 CZK / 1 km
Refueling costs (according to bills)
Car transportation options
temporary plates (5day) or export plates (15day) Ø 170 €
vehicle transport (price depends on distance and transport fee) Ø 8 500 CZK
Vehicle registration in the Czech Republic
STK (depends on car's age and available documents) from 2 000 CZK
car registration (issuance of Czech car papers and plates) 2 700 CZK