Car import from Germany

Full support and assistance with car purchase and import from Germany to the Czech Republic.

Customers participate on the trip to Germany.

I do provide following service:

  • contact the car dealer
  • get all available details on the car and process of the purchase
  • negotiate the price
  • book the car
  • inspect the car on the spot
  • check the documents
  • deal with the vendor
  • help to get export plates
Charge for the car import service 8 000 CZK
Travel cost 2 CZK / 1 km
Consumed fuel (based on the bills for the refueling)
Costs related to the car import from Germany
temporary plates (5day) or export plates (15day) max. 200 €
(incl. insurance, plates, authority fee, road tax)
Services related to the car registration in the Czech Republic
STK (depends on car's age and available documents) from 1 500 CZK
car registration (issuance of Czech car papers and plates) 2 200 CZK