Used car check

You have chosen a used car and would like to be sure about its condition (accident, changed odometer reading, service history, documents, origin, expected repairs and estimated costs, contract of purchase etc.) before making the deal.

I will make a detailed car inspection (including below listed procedures) that will indicate whether the car is worth buying or it has some serious problems and you shouldn’t buy it.

If you prefer to save your time and money on searching a good car that matches your needs, let me offer you “tailor made cars” service.

Papers check
  • registration certificate data matches to car (VIN, size of tyres, colour etc.)
  • original / duplicate of registration certificate
  • expiration date of technical inspection
  • ecological tax
  • service history
  • contract of purchase
VIN check
  • stolen cars
  • outstanding loans
  • distraint of car’s owner
Technical check incl. drive test
  • engine, clutch, gearbox
  • leak of oil, fluids
  • clearance of suspension
  • brakes, exhaust, tyres etc.
Bodywork check
  • accident damage
  • repainted parts
  • rust
  • hail damage
  • scratches, dents
Estimated costs
  • repair
  • maintenance
  • tyres
  • registration
  • insurance
Car inspection in Prague 1 500 CZK
There is an extra payment for inspections outside Prague - 5 CZK / 1km of drive.