Price list

Charge for the service
Prague district 500 CZK
outside Prague plus 4 CZK / 1km  

Registration authority fees
car registration (new, used, imported) 800 CZK
car transfer 800 CZK
leasing termination 800 CZK
change of licence plates (lost, stolen, damaged) 450 CZK
car export 450 CZK
duplicate title (lost, stolen, damaged) 100 CZK
tow bar registration 50 CZK
change of name 50 CZK
change of address 50 CZK

Ecological tax
exhaust emission standard Euro 3 or higher free of charge
exhaust emission standard Euro 2 3 000 CZK
exhaust emission standard Euro 1 5 000 CZK
cars that don’t fulfil any of the exhaust emission standard 10 000 CZK

The ecological tax has to be paid only once (the payment is noted in the registration certificate part II).

Manufactured cars in the year 2000 or later usually fulfil the exhaust emission standard Euro 3 or higher.