BMW 120d

Customer: G. T.
Date: 24/06/2017

I was introduced to Jiri by a friend who used his services and recommended him to me. From the first moment Jiri was very professional and helpful. He knows the market very well and so he helped me avoid some bad cars or potential frauds.

I decided to import a BMW 120D (E87) from Germany. Jiri did all the communication with the previous owner, he organized the trip, paperwork and everything else. We went there together, he reviewed the car, checked what can be checked, did all the communication face to face with the owner, helped me make a deal with the owner and informed me in details about the procedure and paperwork, he also did that before we go there. He literally took care of everything, all I had to do is drive the car back home. Later on he arranged all the paperwork regarding STK, license plates and insurance. I didn't have to bother with anything, he took care of everything.

Finding people who are good and honest professionals and whom you can trust is not easy nowadays, but I am very happy to say that Jiri is one of them.

A happy customer, G.T.

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